Premium Propane Fuel

A Fuel for LPG Powered Internal Combustion Engines
that Drastically Reduces Emissions,
Lowers Maintenance Costs and Improves Performance

Compared to gasoline, LPG with its relatively low levels of exhaust emissionsis the fuel of choice for cars, trucks, school buses, forklift trucks, andall vehicles with internal combustion engines operating where clean airis considered an important factor. However, LPG burned as a motor fuel isnot entirely free of carbon monoxide and other harmful hydro-carbon emissions.
Furthermore, LPG is a fuel that has several undesirable characteristicswhen used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. Heavy end build-up incarburetors and vaporizers require constant service, long chain hydrocarbonsand other contamination cause combustion problems, inadequate upper endlubrication, and preignition in the combustion chamber are problems thatare all inherent in the fuel.
At a quick glance the alternatives to standard LPG powered vehicles, areeither conversion to compressed natural gas powered vehicles, a very expensivealternative, or electric powered vehicles requiring purchase of an entirenew fleet with limited operating capabilities. But there is a very inexpensivealternative that significantly reduces emissions of CO and other harmfulgases. That alternative is using a premium LPG treated with CGX-4. CGX-4is a LPG fuel treatment that has been proven to:

Reduce CO emissions by up to 75% while literally paying foritself
in reduced maintenance costs alone.

What about reduced maintenance costs and improved performance?
LPG as it passes through carburetors and vaporizers deposits heavy end hydrocarbons.The hydrocarbon chains breakdown at this point leaving a buildup of a gummyresidue similar to grease. This inhibits performance and requires disassemblyand cleanup of these components. This cleanup is a time consuming processthat can disable vehicles in the fleet for prolonged periods. Labor coststo regularly clean these components can add significantly to the cost ofmaintaining each car, truck or bus in the fleet. CGX-4 Premium Propane Fuelcan and does greatly reduce these buildups .
Valves and upper end engine components do not get lubrication from the crankcaseand LPG does not naturally provide proper lubrication to these components,This leads to greater wear and major engine failure. CGX-4 Premium PropaneFuel improves the lubrication of these components.

How CGX-4 improves LPG in all these areas?

Without the use of metallic elements that by themselves can add harmfulimpurities to the environment, CGX-4 improves all of the problems notedabove. Here is how.
CGX has combustion improving compounds.
These compounds minimize pre-ignition in the combustion chamber prior tospark plug ignition of the fuel mixture. They also provide a more even burnupon ignition, increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion. Results include:higher pressures in the combustion chamber, increased power, more efficientfuel economy, and a very significant reduction in carbon monoxide, nitrousoxide and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases.
CGX-4 uses emulsifiers to remove long chain hydrocarbons from vaporizersand carburetor systems.
LPG often causes a buildup of long chain hydrocarbons in the engines vaporizerand carburetor systems. As these buildups increase, the fuel does not vaporizeeffectively. The emulsifiers in CGX-4 slowly soften and remove these buildupsto prevent their interference with engine operation. The oil soluble substanceholds insoluble foreign matter in suspension so the heavy-ends are carriedthrough the vaporizers and carburetors and are burned during the combustionprocess.
CGX-4 contains a surfactant takes care of free water found in most LPG.
The surfactant accomplishes this by dispersing the water and other liquidimpurities into colloidal size particles in the LP gas. The small dropletsof water remaining are dispersed in the LPG, for the emulsifier is a polarcompound with one end of the molecule having an affinity for water and theother having an affinity for the L.P. gas. The emulsifier retains this suspensionthrough to final ignition after which it is expelled with the exhaust gas.
CGX-4 is form formulated with an upper cylinder lubricant that provideslubrication to the moving parts in the top of the combustion chamber thatare not lubricated by crankcase oil.
This top-oil is not completely vaporized in the combustion chamber becauseof its 425º F. (218ºC) flashpoint. This results in a light filmcoating to the cylinder walls, rings and valves. The added lubrication increasesengine efficiency, reduces operating temperatures and prolongs engine life.The reduction of heat produced by LPG powered engines is of major concern.Engines running on standard LPG generally operate at 15º F. (10ºC.)higher temperatures than engines powered by gasoline. In hotter climatesthis variance can also be considerably greater. These high operating temperatureshave been shown to lead to valve and valve seat deterioration, and otherseal related problems.
Another noted benefit is extended life to all diaphragms, gaskets and rubberparts due to the permeation and conditioning effects of the top-oil. Steeltank deterioration can also be delayed due to top-oil penetration into thewall surfaces.

CGX-4 Premium Propane reduces emissions even more than standard LPG.
Tests by independent testing firms and firms using CGX-4 Premium Propanehave shown that most users can experience :
After one week of use, CO emissions are reduced by 50% overstandard LPG.

After two months of use, COemissions are reduced by 75% over standard LPG.
Furthermore, these results are substantiated by extensive testing done byor for major owners of LPG powered fleets. Companies that have adopted CGX-4Premium Propane fuel exclusively for their car, truck, and school bus fleets.These owners are using CGX-4 Premium Propane to achieve maximum reductionof hazardous emissions.
For CGX-4 Premium Propane case histories andthe results of its use,
please contact us.

How you can adopt CGX-4 Premium Propane.
There are many ways to implement a program using CGX-4 Premium Propane Fuel.
The amount of LPG your fleet utilizes and distribution of LPG within yourarea are variables that must be addressed.
Please call us for more information about designing an economical programto fit your needs.

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