Premium Propane Fuel

A Fuel Supplement for LPG that is used in Heating Systems, Ovens,and as a Standby Fuel.
A Fuel Supplement that aids in the Vaporizing of LPG at All Temperatures, Stabilizes LPG During Prolonged Storage, Lowers Maintenance Cost, Reduces Start-Up Times, and Improves Performance.

Compared to natural gas, LPG is a fuel that has several undesirable characteristics when used as a fuel in high volume demand systems, especially when used as an alternative fuel to natural gas in the cold winter months. Heavy ends and oils, along with free water found in LPG, even HD5 high purity LPG, can require constant service in vaporizers. Long chain hydrocarbons and other contaminants can cause combustion problems that are all inherent in the fuel.
Currently, LPG is being used as an alternative to natural gas on co-generation electrical power systems, large industrial boilers and heaters. It is a standby fuel which must instantly replace natural gas when the natural gas supplier announces price increases during peak usage. This often occurs during the winter months when the LPG in the stand-by storage has not been used for several months.
Problems occur when this fuel must immediately vaporize to replace natural gas.
However, the inherent problems of the fuel may not allow for immediate and complete vaporization.
Additional vaporizers and other equipment will not solve the problem of the fuel, but there is a solution. Using an LPG fuel that has been treated with Vapo KleenTM, a supplement that has proven to remove most of the problems of vaporizing the fuel, while literally paying for itself in reduced maintenance costs alone.

What about reduced maintenance costs and improved performance?
LPG, as it passes through vaporizers and the fuel system deposits heavy ends. The hydrocarbon chains breakdown at this point in the fuel system, leaving a buildup of a gummy residue similar to grease. Also, water deposits in the vaporizer and fuel system not only will foul the fuel, they can freeze, blocking the flow of fuel.
These inherent problems can inhibit performance and require disassembly and clean-up of the components of the fuel system - a time consuming process that can disable the LPG fuel system, thereby causing expensive natural gas to be consumed. Labor costs to regularly clean these components during peak usage time can add significantly to the cost of maintaining the boiler, heater or dryer in the facility. Vapo-Kleen can and does greatly reducethese problems found with ordinary LPG or HD5 propane.

HowVapo-KleenTM improves LPG in all these areas?
Without the use of metallic elements or hazardous solvents that by themselves can add harmful impurities to the environment, Vapo-Kleen improves all of the problems noted above.
LPG often causes a buildup of long chain hydrocarbons in vaporizers, fuel lines and regulators. As these buildups increase, the fuel does not vaporize effectively nor does it flow easily through the system. The emulsifiers in Vapo-Kleen slowly soften and remove these long chain buildups to prevent their interference with the gas delivery system. The oil soluable substance holds the insoluable foreign matter in suspension so heavy ends are carried through the vaporizers and the gas system and are burned during the combustion process.
Secondly, a surfactant takes care of free water found in most LPG. The surfactant disperses the water and other liquid impurities into colloidal size particles in the LP gas. The emulsifier is a polar compound with one end of the molecule having an affinity for water and the other having an affinity for the LP gas. The emulsifier retains this suspension through to final ignition after which it is expelled with the exhaust gas.
Finally, in standby fuel systems LPG is standing still for several months during the summer in very large storage tanks. In the winter the LP gas delivery system is required to start up immediately, often within one hour upon notice by the natural gas supplier. The long chain hydrocarbons and water can form a larger, more concentrated mass during prolonged storage. The emulsifiers in Vapo-Kleen breakdown the long chain hydrocarbon heavy ends and water droplets during prolonged storage and hold them in suspension, thereby "stabilizing" the fuel during the summer months so it will more readily vaporizes "on demand" in the winter heating season. The VapoKleen fuel is stabilized and kept ready for many months reducing troublesome "standby fuel start-up procedures" and other seasonal related problems.
Another noted benefit is that the free water in LPG will be reduced to such miniscule particles that "freeze-up" of vaporizers and fuel lines will be largely eliminated, if Vapo-Kleen is used to treat stand by LPG all year round.
Many companies are combining a regular program ot maintenance and Vapo-Kleen Premium Propane to reduce the troublesome seasonal related problems of using LPG.


This electricity producer had serious problems in cold winter months with a "lighting off' system to fire their coal burning furnaces. Because the LPG did not immediately vaporize the potential of severe income loss was likely. The utility found that by treating their LPG with Vapo-Kleen Supplement, freeze-ups and other "troublesome" standby fuel start-up problems have been eliminated.

This housing facility was using LPG for residence heating discovered heavy ends, and oil were leaving a buildup of a gummy residue similar to grease in the fuel system and regulators, restricting the flow of gas. Labor costs to regularly clean these components caused the equipment contractor to expend thousands of dollars in labor just to keep the system operating and the military offficials happy.
Upon using Vapo Kleen and our automatic injector system developed for such bulk storage installations, all of the problems associated with LPG fuel were entirely eliminated to the satisfaction of the cont ractor and housing officials.
Vapo-KleenTM is now a permanent part of this facility's yearly service contract for the heating system.

The standby fuel system was across the parking lot from the plant. The 2" gas vapor supply was buried under that parking lot. Due to the difference in temperature above and below ground. and the distance the vapor needed to travel, the underground supply pipe would fill up with a residue similar to grease (heavy ends or long chain hydrocarbons) restricting the flow of gas. Because of this the long supply line had to be regularly cleaned out along with the regulators. Again, upon installing an automatic Vapo-Kleen injection system, heavy end problems associated with the fuel have been entirely eliminated. The maintenance staff no longer has to clean out the long gas supply line which was a time consuming chore. Furthermore, the LPG vaporizes immediately upon demand on very cold winter days reducing the need to use expensive natural gas when the rates increase during peak winter usage.

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